Vietnam packing list for October and December

Southeast Asia, is not just anything around sand and sun. Although most Southeast Asian countries are famous for their sandy beaches and palm trees – and for a very good reason, the region is also prone to the same weather and temperature fluctuations, as most other regions in the world. Although much of Southeast Asia enjoys warm weather all year round, some places have dramatic differences in weather depending on where in the country you are traveling. And because most of your Southeast Asia trip combine with several countries, it’s smart to pack lightly and compact – even in autumn or winter!

Perhaps you planning a trip to Vietnam – this is a destination with one of the most varied climatic zones in all of Southeast Asia. With a coastline of over 3,000 kilometers and three different regions, North, Central and South. Vietnam have different rainy seasons and very different temperatures in autumn and winter. If you want to travel throughout the country during autumn and winter, you need to be extra careful about what you are going to pack otherwise it can lead to an uncomfortable travel experience.

When it comes to choosing which clothes to bring along on your trip in Vietnam, there are a few things to consider. In this blog, you will find specially crafted tips for your next autumn or winter holiday in South East Asia and Vietnam!

What is the weather like in Vietnam?

In the North of Vietnam expect an average temperature of 12 * C and average rainfall: ~ 50mm per month. North Vietnam is particularly magical in autumn, and the time from September to November is both a favorite season for locals and travelers to explore the region. In general, this time of the year when the temperatures start to drop down, after what is usually a damp and hot summer time, and when most locals quickly pick their sweaters and boots out of their cabinets for this season.

The pleasant cool weather, however, is only for a short time to enjoy before the winter months. Surprisingly, North Vietnam can become incredibly cold, with the northernmost cities such as Sapa. In addition to the cold temperatures, North Vietnam remains moist, especially during these cold months, while rain and drizzle are not unusual. Dresses must keep you warm and dry, so bear this in mind when choosing clothes that you want to take with you.

Sapa with rice terraced field

Weather in Central Vietnam

Average temperature: 22-25 * C

Average rainfall: ~ 300 mm per month

The central coast of Vietnam is known for its weather for good reason it boasts year round with warm and breezy weather and less extreme rainy season and monsoon. That is, with the breezy coast comes much moisture, and the sand and sun cause for some sweaty inconveniences if you do not pack the right clothes. It is also important to note that the rainy season in Central Vietnam is at its peak during the winter months.

For autumn and winter, the central coasts of Vietnam, as well as cities of historic Hue or even Dalat can be particularly hot and humid, with particularly intense sunrays. The locals have clever ways to combat this both with minimal inconvenience due to loose and thin fabrics that can mask more skin. This way you can fight the sun without sunscreen, and avoid the evil falling cords of tight-fitting clothing in the heat.

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In the south of Vietnam

Average temperature: 25-30 * C

Average Precipitation: ~ 70-100 mm per month

South Vietnam is located along the equator, enjoying the year-round sun, which offers its cozy place between the two hemispheres. However, rainfall may occur. Fortunately, the south dries considerably faster in the first months of winter (usually around November), with temperatures remaining the airy and cooler to December. Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong are usually more airy than the cities in the north, which means, although the temperature is hotter, the humidity can usually be slightly lower.

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Planning a trip to Vietnam during autumn and Winter?

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