Professional guide to visit Myanmar in 2017

There are a number of reasons why you should add Myanmar to your Asian bucket list.

If there were one word you could use to describe Myanmar, it would be “incredible”.

You may choose Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and or Laos along with a visit to Myanmar to make your South-East Asian journey turn to a perfect one, however, this destination is where you can expect pretty much everything from a variety of glazed Buddhist temples and shrines to the palm fingered beaches, river cruises, Balloon flight and more.

Where you can combine your classic adventure to visit with lesser known destination to visit those places that you can’t simply find when traveling with your fellow traveler, those hidden or less visited destinations in Myanmar include Bhamo, the Chin State, Hkakbo razi, Hsipaw, Kyaing Tong and more. A trip to these states required a well-planned journey to avoid misleading in your trip.

When you first set your foot in the mystic land of the thousand pagodas you feel a different country which cant be compared with dazzling places like what you normally see in other countries in the region.

The number of tourists visiting Myanmar has dramatically increased since 5 years ago. While only a few years ago, the most expensive accommodation in the capital Yangon would cost US $ 90 a night, the Luxury hotels now surpass with astronomical prices. If you enter from Thailand into Burma, you may be surprised at the partly much higher prices than in the neighboring country. It is only after a short period of familiarization that people are aware that it could become even more expensive in the future. And we want to get to know a relatively authentic Myanmar, which seems to change every day, however, Myanmar top destinations could be a good starting point.

Or you can whizz through the countryside and choose to stay wherever that is catching your interest, locals are very friendly and you will be astonished by the differences which you’ll be visiting from one state to the other. Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake are top three destinations which will be visited almost by everyone who has a holiday with length of 5 to 7 days.

When it comes also to beach stay in Myanmar, you will have different choices but the best bet for everyone would be a few days relaxing at Ngapali beach where you find plenty of options to lodge during your stay in Myanmar’s number one beach destination. And once you arrive, touring through Burma is simple and easy.

Maruk U Burma

There are domestic flights if you are short on time and or if you are booking a Myanmar tours, many hotels and tour operators put together fascinating packages to visit local highlights. So make this the year you discover the riches of this charming corner of South-East of Asia – it’s sure to be the holiday of a lifetime.

When to visit Myanmar

Believe me, Myanmar is a year-round destination, with the driest period runs between October to May. The rest of the year considered as a rainy season in Myanmar. The landscapes look incredible and you will find the countryside interesting to travel to.
a guide to the charming country of Myanmar

Plan a vacation to Myanmar

A beautiful destination in South-East of Asiaa, with coastlines, heritage sites, cultural activity and amazing touring options that blowing your blood. Myanmar’s diversity of landscapes and specially cultural heritages provides visitors with adventure, romance and exploration in a unique way. For more information, see Myanmar travel packages

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