Cambodia: an iconic adventure journey. What to see, Angkor Wat and awe-inspiring landscapes

Cambodia is beautiful, its inspiring and it’s a memory for anyone who a visited this awesome destination in the heart of the Indochina peninsula. Now, Cambodia is on traveler’s bucket list and almost its popularity become more interesting when it comes to the Angkor Wat temples, beaches, laid-back country-sides and welcoming locals who love to mingle with you and get to know more about what you doing back to your country.

From the highlights of a day tour in Phnom Penh, to cross country tour visiting tonle sap lake and floating villages, Battambang, Kratie, Kep and Bokor national park, Sinahnoukville and so on, Cambodia is a destination where spectacle and adventure merge and now is the time to see it in its fullest.
cambodian temples -

Phnom Penh

Capital city of Cambodia, sat like a crown on the head of the Mekong Delta River, through it bloody days during the 70’s and the Khmer rouge. Phnom Penh is a city you must include on a planned Cambodia tours, the Royal palace, markets, vibrant nightlife and other signs of hectic South-East Asian boomtown progress are springing up, also, the colonial buildings which are hard to be missed. Phnom Penh is a base and starting points from almost trips within the Cambodia and Vietnam, especially if the arrival is through the Mekong waterways.

Highlights: Phnom Pen’s most visited places of interest including Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng Genocide museum, Silver pagoda and national museum, Wat Phnom, Independence monument and many more which makes your visit turn to be an active one. I suggest to take a leisure strolling around the bank-side of the Mekong River at dawn to experience its enveloping serenity, or at dusk when it vibrates with life as families gather.
phnom penh points of interest -

Siem Reap and temple complex of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat temples, located near Siem Reap in northern Cambodia, is a huge temple complex and an archaeological site dating back to 9th century, the Angkor wat complex contains a number of individual temples which the most famous and greatest is undoubtedly Angkor Wat temples

Angkor Wat itself was built as a Hindu temple in the golden age of the Khmer empire and in the reign of King Suryavarman II, who ruled the country from 1113 to 1150. The construction took some was 37 years and ended abruptly with his death. Some bas-reliefs remained unfinished.

Don’t miss the impressive view of the jungle covered temples on either dawn or dusk, ask your guide to arrange the best time and best place for you to get your memorial photo sorted out.

dawn and dusk in angkor wat -

Beaches in Cambodia

Sunbathing and beach holidays in Cambodia is still relatively unknown for tourist because the culture and history of Cambodia are the focus of a round trip through Cambodia. For bathing or sunbathing, many visitors follow Cambodia to neighboring Thailand or Vietnam. Nevertheless, after visiting Angkor Wat in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, it is worth taking a few days of beach holidays in Cambodia. The following are the best beaches in Cambodia.

Although there are several hundred kilometers of beach in Cambodia, only a small beach paradise – Sihanoukville – has been developed. Sihanoukville is a relaxed, small beach destination in the south of Cambodia that offers everything that sun and beach worshipers hope for from a beach holiday. Sihanoukville is very well developed for tourist, there are many hotels and restaurants as well as a cozy nightlife, which is rather untypical for the Cambodian province. Read more about top beaches in Cambodia

sihanoukville -


Whispering to any Cambodian the catchword, Kratie, he most likely first associates would be the Dolphins. This province in the north-east of Cambodia with a small border with Vietnam, is crossed by the most mystical river in Southeast Asia, the Mekong. This meandering from Laos is exactly north-south through the entire province and is also the main attraction of this area.

countryside of kratie -

And the Irrawaddy dolphins of course. It is as good as certain that you will meet them when you take a boat trip. And if you want to miss this opportunity, Cambodia is not just an old, impressive temple ruins and beautiful beaches. The Mekong has just as interesting and illuminating stories to tell as the people who live on its shores.

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