Traveling to Burma- How to Travel Like a Pro

The Republic of the union of Myanmar, or Burma, has become a very popular tourist destination in South-East of Asia. Its main tourist attractions and places of interest are all around the ancient temple touring such as those in the valley of Bagan, Maruk U, the impressive shwedagon pagoda in Yangon as well as some man-made attractions such as U-bein bridge in Amarapura along with the mighty Irrawaddy river that become a main point for luxury cruising in Myanmar. Tourist simply call it Myanmar while many locals keep calling it as Burma (the old name), the country has various different beaches such as Ngapali that is a popular beach vacation place in Myanmar as well.

In Addition, Myanmar is one of the oldest countries in the South-East of Asia bordering with India and Bangladesh as well as Thailand and Laos and own its historical and cultural significance to its ancient heritage dating back to at least thousand years ago.

visiting myanmar how to travel like a pro

Even though Burma has very high aspirations and plans to become one of the most influential destination to travel in South-East of Asia, development is slow due to its management on tourism by the authorities. Due to this, foreign investment has been very slow too, and there have been a number of issues concerning the rule of law Myanmar. Despite the fact that there are so many places to visit in Myanmar, however, travelers find this beautiful ancient country one of the most laid-back lands in the Asia, locals are very welcoming and friendly, country itself is safe and one could find new experiences on their everyday traveling through the land. If you are a fan of Asian, or better say Buddhist heritage history and prefer colonial architecture, travelling to Yangon and Myanmar’s different regions would be a great idea. Here are a few trips for people who want to make the best of their trip to Myanmar.


Book Custom-Designed Myanmar Tour Packages

Trust me, it become somehow difficult to plan the whole journey into Myanmar by yourself, the reason is simple, Myanmar is a new brand destination and you can’t simply travel all around the country especially to the remote area where you need special permission from the tourism authorities, anyway, rather than plan the whole trip by yourself, it’s always better to purchase a customized package. Myanmar tour packages are offered by various travel agencies. It’s best to consult with a local travel expert that specializes in planning trips to Southeast countries such as Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The duration of these packages start from 3-4 days and can go as high as 11-12 days and includes pretty much everything from Balloon flight over Bagan to Burma river cruises and visiting remote lands.
Book Custom-Designed Myanmar Tour Packages

You can also customize a Myanmar tour packages and decide for a holiday with the places that you want to visit, or the hotel where you would like to accommodate your stay. It’s considerably easier than planning the whole trip on your own. Travel agencies have associations with local tour guides, hotels, and vacation planners. They will take a lump-sum fee and give you a detailed itinerary of all the places that you will visit. This includes advises on how to get your Myanmar tourist visa, airfare suggestions, and essential things to know before planning your Myanmar holiday.

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