What you know about Mui Ne Beach

Many travelers would have been to South-East of Asia and specially to Indochina peninsula to explore the great golden triangle of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, however, the certain beach holiday in Vietnam through the different destinations in this beautiful country come to exemplify the idyllic island experience, and if not Vietnam then in Cambodia a well which are home to several nice beach each with different things to expect. Mui Ne beach in south central Vietnam and only within less than 4 hour drive from the Ho Chi Minh City is certainly one of them. With soft, golden-sand beaches, azure waters and a range of different activities has made Mui Ne among one of the best beach destination in Vietnam. This ideal beach destination offers visitors anything and everything they could hope for from a beach holiday with a pleasant stay in Vietnam.


mui ne beach


Each traveler has its own traveling style and different vacationers are bound to seek different holiday experiences when it comes to a country like Vietnam which hosts a long array of beach from south to north. The good news is that when you stay at Mui Ne beach which can cater to all of your needs from a luxury beach stay in one of its many cool resorts to active things to do such as windsurfing, kite surfing, sliding on the sand dunes off the main beach and other sort of water sport activities, honestly, Mui Ne is the only beach in Vietnam that offer cool breezes for water sport activities.


locals at mui ne beach in Vietnam


Some vacation makers travel to Vietnam and to Mui Ne simply for the stunning beaches and unrivalled weather all year round, while others arrive in search of an adventure in a not so touristic beach. No matter what types of activities visitors want to partake in – whether it’s sunbathing, going to play golf in some of the best and well known golf resorts in Vietnam and or stay a few days to relax and enjoy your holiday in Vietnam – there’s something for everyone in Mui Ne.


wind surfing in Vietnam mui ne


However, holidaymakers to Mui Ne will quickly discover that the island is surrounded by equally mesmerizing locale culture that is a way to discover what you may cant find it in your guide book, the nearby Phan Thiet which was once a small local fishing village has lots of local experience to offer. This small fishing town is really cool to spend a day seeing its fish markets that held every day and are are easily accessible from Mui Ne. If you go earlier in the morning you see the locals get together in the main beach where local fisherman comes from the sea to sell their daily fishing to them, photographers will have the unique opportunity to capture the best shots that are a combination of sea, fisherman, basket boats and more.


sand dunes off mui ne beach in Vietnam


No matter what type of Vietnam tours you’re looking for in Vietnam but a Mui Ne beach stay with trips to surrounding places such as Phan Thiet and other local villages will offer you everything you expect from a unique holiday.

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