Winning tips on what to visit on your Cambodia tours

Oh Cambodia, this is what you may say just a moment you see the pictures of legendary Angkor Wat temples as one of the very first impression you may get from Cambodia. No matter what is your preferences when you plan a trip the thing is you may never expect any of the following until you are finding yourself in the kingdom of wonders. Cambodia has become a favorite destination for travelers of any age, any horizon and any kind of expectations from a holiday, one can travel through Cambodia on a shoestring while the other can expect an ultimate holiday with high-end luxury stay throughout the Cambodia.

Winning tip: Apsara dance performance with gala dinner

apsara dance cambodia

We traveled around Cambodia and have seen pretty much everything from A to Z, sleeping in different kind of hotels across Cambodia from the bed and breakfast cozy boutique hotels in Phnom Penh to the private luxury resorts in Song Saa Island. Once in Siem Reap, you will definitely see the art of Apsara dance show and performance at every corner, the best bet will be to opt for one show that allow you to watch the Apsara dance with the gala dinner. This is definitely a way to get a glimpse into the Khmer culture and the art of traditional dance which depicted in the Angkor Wat Temples as well.

Adventures with flight of the gibbon Angkor

What should I see and what to do when in Cambodia? This is the biggest question concerning the traveling once someone has decided on where to pick sa a next holiday destination. You are lucky because once in Cambodia you will not need to think of where to go. The flight of the gibbon Angkor is something really different that everyone can also afford for. The first of its kind in Cambodia and the only one in Siem Reap. Locating right in the Angkor Archaeological Park, it has very nice view up on the treetop but you will not see any temple as they are hidden by jungle. Safety is always top-notch. There are totally 10 lines + 4 sky bridge.

A guided tour of temples of Angkor Wat

No matter what is your traveling preferences however once in Cambodia you will find your way to visit the majestic temples of Angkor Wat, and what better way to join the guided tour with variety of options once comes to visit the temples. Angkor wat tour packages follows the script or itinerary that includes visiting several temples on each day, the temple complex is huge and is starched through the lush forests, your guide will decide where to visit first once you book a day trip. Anyway, there are other less visited temples such as the beautifully structured Banteay Srei that is located some 45 minute drive from the city of Siem Reap.

9 Day Cambodia Classic Tour

Tonle Sap Leke and its amazing floating structures

The name “Floating houses” are somehow makes you to think over and over that how is possible to live on the stilt houses and on the water. This is the world of watery imaginary that attract travelers from any aspect to come and explore Cambodia’s famous tonle lake, usually tourists will take a day trips from Siem Reap to visit this part of the Cambodia while boarding on the long tail bot rowing through the deep mangrove forests. Our selection of best Cambodia tours will help you to find a suitable holiday packages for the next time you’ll visit Cambodia.

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