5 Reasons To Visit Angkor Wat Temples In Cambodia

Angkor wat temples and its massive adjoining complex are pretty much of everything once it comes to visit Cambodia. The awe inspiring temples of Angkor wat are dating back to the 9th century and was built deep into the lush tropical forests near the city of Siem Reap in northern Cambodia. Most of travelers are now looking for a visit that allows them to opt for something cool and just to avoid the tourist places it might get them an idea of do I really need to visit Angkor Wat temples or not? Here are top 5 reasons that explains clearly why you need to stay longer in Cambodia and make your way to visit more of Angkor Wat complex.
5 reasons to visit Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia

Angkor Wat temples are showcasing the Khmer culture

Just like most of the sites you may visit across the south-east of the Asia and specially Indochina, here you come to learn and to see how Khmer interact their daily life with the existence of Angkor Wat temples, the iconic towers of the temples is on the flag of Cambodia and its also symbol of the nation. The newly married couples are visiting the temple complex in order to receive the life bless from the monks and start their life in a good way and according to the Buddhist religion. The locals in Siem Reap visit temples at least once a week just to pay their tribute and stay spiritual for whole the week. So, do not hesitate, mingle with locals and explore the magnificent temples the way you want.

Angkor Wat temples are showcasing the Khmer culture

Angkor Wat: The largest religious site in the world

Most of traveler are looking to have some sort of record while they are traveling to the different countries, here in Cambodia you will be in a country that is home to the largest religious sites in the world and yes this majestic structure lies at the heart of the Angkor Archaeological Park, which covers 154 square miles and contains scores of other Khmer temples dating from between the ninth and 15th centuries each with different shape, function and the amazing bas- reliefs that makes you to linger for a longer visit. The Angkor wat temples has its own allure and it attract almost anybody with any sort of traveling style, every day there are thousands of tourist visiting the temples and each has its own impression from their visit. Banteay Srei has intricate carvings of sensuous celestial dancers wearing bangles, beaded anklets and sheer drop-waist skirts. The pleats are still folded beautifully in the sandstone, 1,000 years on. Learn more about Angkor Wat temples

Angkor Wat: The largest religious site in the world

Impressive architecture that speaks thousands of words

Angkor Archaeological park has been registered as a UNESCO heritage site since 1992 and beside that the temple complex are built on stone and the perfect symmetry of the architectural measure is just stunning, the temples of Angkor Wat are representing Hind-Buddhist deity. The most see temples includes Angkor Wat, Bayon and Angkor Thom which are also includes lots of smaller temples
Impressive architecture that speaks thousands of words

You cant miss the Sunrise and sunset at Angkor Wat

The temples are extremely photogenic and are merely impressive on both sunset and sunrise, lots of tourist get their camera ready and wake up early in the morning to head toward the Angkor Archaeological park and find the perfect angel to get the best shot over the Angkor wat temples. In addition and if you’d like to not to miss this chance to see the stunning temples of Angkor wat on sunrise you may stay longer on your visit to the park. To avoid the rush hour you must go with a guide and be part of our Cambodia tours
You cant miss the Sunrise and sunset at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat temples are unique

Unlike all the Buddhist temples which faces east, Angkor Wat faces west that represents the fact of the life after death in Hinduism. Also, some Hollywood including Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider, Lord Jim were shot in Angkor Wat, in addition, the whole temple complex was modeled after the Hindu vision of the universe.
Angkor Wat temples are unique

Cambodian Private Tours

Last but not least, the impressive array of beautifully preserved temples are not the only way to visit Cambodia. We are a local tour organizer and will plan an incredible holiday to Cambodia for you. Opt for one of the impressive Angkor wat tour packages and let the journey of discovery begin with smiles
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