Inle Lake – Great Destination for your trip to Myanmar

Even though Bagan, of legendary pagodas fame, may be the main calling card, Inle Lake deserves equal billing to Bagan on your Myanmar itinerary. In fact, some people believe time spending on Inle Lake even creates more lasting memories. If you are still skeptical about what said above,then read on and figure out the following five reasons.

Floating Life on the Inle Lake

Firstly, once visiting Inle Lake, you will be utterly captivated by a different path of living. Interestingly, people just live not with roads or sidewalks but one-person-wide wooden boats outfitted with outboard propellers. The life on the Inle Lake also associates with villages of rustic single – and two-story wooden stilt houses straddle active waterways. Besides, cruising along channels hemmed by floating gardens is quite sublime. Most importantly, one-legged paddling technique by the local fishmen is the significant thing of Inle Lake that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar

Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar
Cruising on Inle Lake
Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar
Folding Fisherman on Inle Lake, Myanmar
Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar
Harvesting on floating tomato fields Inle Lake Myanmar

Hotels and restaurants on the river

In Myanmar, you are supposed to find many over-the-water bungalows not only in far-flung places like Tahiti, but also on Inle Lake. One thing to note is that you should spend one night on a hotel building on the lake, or at least enjoy a meal at their restaurants. Because, while tea is grown all over the world, it can only incorporated into food in Myanmar. A spicy tea leaf salad is the best option while you sit on a lakefront terrace watching longboats zoom by. Though you can’t dive into the water from porch on the Inle Lake, over-the-water hotel and restaures are absolutely enthralling with its cusine, its special featurings and splendid views of both lake and sky.

Cannot resist the taste of cambodian Clams in Phnom Penh
Inle Heritage
Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar
Lahpet or tea-leaf salad
Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar
Golden Island Cottages

Ample Stupas

Interestingly, Bagan is not the only place for you to see a galore of stupas in Myanmar. Recentyly, Inle Lake also makes its attractions by ruins of 1000 centuries-old stone pagoda. Those stupas are reckoned to be small, delicate, closely knit and even much more intimate that those in Bagan.

Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar

Extraordinary monasteries

Among 200 monasteries on the Inle Lake, the Nga Hpe Kyaung is the most visited one thanks to the dozens of cats trained by monks, Besides cats, the Monastery also keeps an impressive collections of ornate Buddhas which are brought by locals for protecting them from the destruction of World War II.

Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar
Nga Hpe Kyaung Monastery

Traditional Textiles

In Myanmar, Inle Lake plays as a major weaving center of the country. You can here the looms clacking through open-air windows as you come into dock. More especially, once getting the weaving villages (Inn Paw Khon is the most famous one), you should buy an authentic made-in-Myanmar fabric. Because throughout Southeast Asia, Myanmar is the only country making lotus fabric and Inle Lake is ground zero for it.

Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar

Don't skip Inle Lake in your trip to Myanmar


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