What visitors really should do in Bagan

I had never given much thought about Myanmar before my friend, a photographer, told me about its breathtaking scenery and its tranquility with tons of his pictures he had taken there. Eventually, I was enchanted by what he said. I decided to go. I just planed to explore Myanmar for 3 only days, but couldn’t escape from the attractive journey to Bagan so I spent all day long to explore this ancient city. And here is what I could tell you about 3 best things to do in Bagan, my favorite Myanmar Tour Packages

Chasing the sun in Bagan

At dawn, I awoke by the noise of the horse hired from the previous night, which was knocking on brick-base. From scratch, the journey to Bagan left me a lot of strange and interesting feelings. I had been transferred by the horse-cart since the night before. At that time, it was still so pitch black that I could not see anything. All I just heard is the clatter sound, the men leading the horse, which evoked a sacred feeling, especially as I was walking in the space of the past place in the relic area.

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

After 45 minutes, I reached Tayonke Payay temple, which was the most beautiful place to enjoy sunrise in Bagan. At 4: 40 in the morning, Bagan was glowing, glorious and splendid by the lights shining in every corner of each temple. The scene melted the hearts of hundreds of people with different colors, who had, like me, hoped up nearly all night just in order to catch these breathtaking and majestic images.

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

When the sun rose high above, the horse-cart drove others and me through temples. We had chance to visit the top cylindrical tower which was gilded set on square three floor tower next to the oldest pagoda of Shwezigon. These temples possessed the works which was the embodiment of faded Mon architecture.

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Visiting the best temples of Bagan

Next, I continued seeing Thatbyinnyu temple built by the king Alaungsithu (1113-1163). It was one of the first temples with two floors, but had a layout with slightly different from that of two story spiritual works later. Afterward, Dhamma Yangyi Temple (1107 – 1170) was the most massive temple but had similar architecture to Ananda’s.

Best thing to do in journey to journey to Bagan

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Late in the afternoon, when the sun went down the sunlight began to fade was also the time I reached Shweasandaw temple. Visitors always chose to stand on the temple so they could have a good view over other temples clearly and beautifully. I widened my arms to embracing all the breezes, feeling how magnificent, solemn and sacred the temple was when the locals made worship in the old days.

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Walking around Bagan’s night market

Finally, my journey to Bagan ended up with a small night market in the middle of the small town. Needless to say, as for me, night markets in Myanmar were not places to buy or play, but seeing local entertaining activities was also one of best things to do in Bagan. There was an indoor stage where concerted were performed free. Another amazing thing you could see here was eye-popping Ferris Weel. It did not run on electricity or gas but only on human strength. A young man rotated the Ferris wheel with no protection equipment of any sort. Only a single wrong move could make him fatally injured.

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

Best thing to do in Bagan

Best thing to do in journey to Bagan

It is a pity that I cannot choose a word to describe the peaceful feeling and the beauty of Bagan. The only thing I can tell you is that Bagan is worth living in. Once getting there, just feel it in every breath, enjoy any clattering feeling on the horse-cart or take leisurely bike ride through famous temples. You will live the most authentic life that you have never used to.


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