Best traveling by booking a Vietnam train

Of all trip to Vietnam as it is a a country full of new surprises, a beautiful country with amazing landscapes from north to the south and train traveling is something that everyone would love it especially if it’s on traveling through a scenic country like Vietnam. If you have more time than money, then traveling by train is surprisingly one of the best and most economical way in Vietnam. The most favorites train trails in Vietnam are roads to Lao Cai, near Sapa in northern Vietnam, trains from Hanoi to Hue and Hoi An to Nha Trang as well as the newly maintained railway from Nha Trang to Ho Cho Minh city.

Train classes

Generally train traveling in Vietnam are classified under SE which are smartest and fastest and also book faster as well, while those referred to as TN are slower and older which are not popular for the long distance traveling.

Travel around Vietnam by Train
Train No. SE1 – See the Vietnam Railway Map for more details

Overnight trains are pretty much popular by young traveler as this option enables them to rest well and save more money while traveling, anyway, the express service are more expensive and they are easy to book due to limited number of cabins in each train.

Travel around Vietnam by Train

If you are traveling as part of a planned Vietnam tour packages then you are not required to do anything as this is already booked for you, However, if you are doing for an overnight train in Vietnam or are simply curious about long distance train travel in this surprising country, you’ll find this list of ‘things to know before you go’ useful through this travel blog.

Onboard Dining

There is food for purchase on board, served at your seat in 1st and 2nd class, but it is no great shakes and not cheap either. Plan ahead and bring your own meal along on board.
Travel around Vietnam by Train
Breakfast on board starts at about 70.000VND for an uninspired standard, while dinner runs 160 VND or more. Besides meals, stewards carrying buckets filled with ice cold soft drinks and beer will pass by endlessly. You’ll also enjoy a never-ending parade of independent food vendors who board the train or approach your window at stations and other stops. This is pretty much similar everywhere you travel in South-East of Asia.

Book in advance

Just like other related services for any trip to Vietnam and to avoid the fully booked condition and especially if you are traveling during the peak tourism season from and September to December you are required to book your ticket in advance, try a travel agent that sells the ticket, once you buy them you will receive a voucher that need to be converted into a ticket when you check in to board the train.

Travel around Vietnam by Train
Breaking Dawn on Quy Nhon Beach
Travel around Vietnam by Train
A train view in Ninh Thuan
Travel around Vietnam by Train
A train ride will bring you precious experiences that go beyond your imagination.

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