Best suggestions for your trip to Indochina

There are already a lot of amazing places to discover when it comes to traveling through Indochina, the destinations in the region including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia makes this part of the South-East of Asia a hard to be missed destination. Here are my top 10 places to visit when visit Indochina

# 10 Luang NamTha in Laos

Nestled in mountainous region of northern Laos and the first place you see after crossing the border from China to Laos. Luang Nam Tha is an excellent base for exploring the many natural beauty, the high mountainous area and a good place to meet with the ethnic minorities. Laos tour packages are improved in recent years, other popular things to do such as trekking and outdoor activities in and around Luang Nam Tha protected area can’t be missed.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 9 Hue city and Imperial citadel in Vietnam

Located in central Vietnam, Hue city is one of the historical bases in country which became a very popular stop for almost anyone visiting Vietnam. The imperial citadel will definitely be a site to spend almost half a day to check all its fortifications, palaces and royal tombs. When in Hue, traveler almost opt for countryside adventure via motorbike, there are a numbers of cooking school to which offer half a day cooking demonstrations, don’t miss this out.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 8 Nha Trang beach

You probably been to Thailand and experience a perfect beach stay, however, Nha Trang, located in southern-central coastlines of Vietnam has named as the number one beach destination in Vietnam, there are all kind of luxury resorts, beach activities, boat trips and a stretched line of sand beach that makes your relaxing holiday more perfect, make sure to check out trip to Vietnam that includes beach holiday in Nha Trang

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 7 Ha Giang in northern Vietnam

Just like Sapa, Ha Giang is home to several ethnic minorities whom have been living in the region since centuries, Ha Giang is located within the border with China and its known for its forested limestone and its also among the popular motor bike trails in Vietnam

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 6 Hanoi – Capital city of Vietnam

As a capital of Vietnam its more of a classic city than a metropolis one, Hanoi is a charming city dotted with lakes and three lined boulevard. Hanoi is home to some of the must see attractions and sites in Vietnam, try to visit Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the first university of Vietnam known as the temple of literature and so on. In the evening the central area of the Hanoi, the HoanKiem lake and Hanoi old quarter is a place for a vibrant nightlife celebrations, join along with the locals and experience a real Vietnamese fun.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 5 LuangPrabang in Laos

Many travelers describe LuangPrabang as one of the most laid-back town they ever visited in Asia, the UNESCO heritage town is a place where traveler can spend a couple of day exploring its cultural sites such as royal palace, morning markets, night markets and so much more. Also, When in LuangPrabang traveler will opt for day trips to Kuang Si waterfall, Pak Ou cave and visit ethnic minorities in and around the Mekong Delta.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 4Halong Bay Cruise – Vietnam

This is really interesting, Halong is registered as a natural site by UNESCO and it has been recognized as a new wonder of the world as well. On your trip to Vietnam you may plan to visit on a Halong Bay Cruise , the trips are well organized from Hanoi and it is recommended to book through a reliable agency. There are interesting activities to do including rock climbing, dine in caves, swimming and Kayaking as well as visiting floating and fishing villages.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 3 Ho Chi Minh City – southern Vietnam

I call it New York city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city ( formerly known as Saigon), is located in southern Vietnam and is home to interesting markets, busy streets and a great hub for almost any day trio within Saigon to the Delta of Mekong, most of the traveler opt to stay in and around the district one where there are many cafes, restaurants, hotels and also a good place for the nightlife.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 2 Mekong Delta

Mekong is crossing between Southern Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and it is known as the rice bowl of Vietnam. The interesting places to visit include Ben Tre, Cai Be and the floating markets, coconut waterways and small villages for home-stay. Also, there are a numbers of options to cruise from Vietnam side to Cambodia down to Siem Reap.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

# 1 Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat temples are like a crown sitting on the head of Cambodian tourist attractions and sites, traveler will choose Cambodia to visit and spend at least 2 to 3 day to explore the majestic ancient temples that are nestled in the jungles. Angkor Thom, Bayon, BanteaySrei are hard to miss when visiting the temples. There are helicopter ride, balloon and guided tours are available to visit the temples, make sure to check out Cambodia tour packages that include visiting temples.

10 Must see places to visit in Indochina

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