Vietnam for Luxury Traveling

Vietnam is the travel hub of Indochina. Most traveler fly into Hanoi and or into Ho Chi Minh city and make that their starting point for traveling around Indochina ( Laos and Cambodia). Vietnam, with its lush countryside, tropical azure beaches and top golf course centers along with the welcoming peoples and the amazing foods is a destination that attracts visitors from all over the globe and from all walks of life. It is by far a favorite destination for many traveler as one could expect to find super cheap guesthouses, and then seemingly right next door you can find high-end luxury resorts and hotels charging upwards of +5000 dollar per night! However, planning a trip to Vietnam is sounds easy to
some experienced traveler while it may become complicated to those who wish to travel to the country for the first time. Vietnam has become a well-worn destination on the luxury trail as the country is already developed high-end facilities, golf courses, hotels and resorts and the top luxury Halong Bay cruise. However, when speaking about luxury traveling it mayy sounds different from the experienced traveler who don’t mind to pay more if they get something more unique, Vietnam speaks itself, there are beaches, interesting history, impressive sites and unique culture.


Luxury resorts to stay

Ninh Binh is a small town located within 90 minutes drive from the bustling Hanoi, a tranquil paradise nestled in the beautiful nature of the Northern delta, a peaceful garden of bright blossoms and plants that brings you the precious moment while staying in one of the few top and high end luxury resorts in this heavenly town which has been well known as the “Halong on the ground” just because of its formation lime-stone karts that rises on the land.

luxury travel

Honeymoon in a luxury way

There are quite a numbers of luxury resorts dotted around the beautiful islands such as in Nha Trang, in Mui Ne, Phu Quoc Island and Con Dao Island, each offering a quite luxury experience while it will turn to not only a great place for your honeymoon but gives you a chance to experience a historic atmosphere when exploring a new land. Couples may opt for a honeymoon packages includes a few night stay at the deluxe and or higher standard rooms with daily breakfast, round trip transfer and much more, just make sure to check the latest Vietnam tour packages and find your suitable offer.

vietnam for luxury traveling

Get off the beaten path

If you really want to see what Vietnamese culture and lifestyle is like outside the big cities of Hanoi, Ho Cfhi Minh City and others, then, make your way to central region and visit Pleiku, located in central that is home to extremely rural areas ( out of the Pleiku itself) and the people are very friendly. This area contains small farming villages that hardly see any tourists. Life here hasn’t changed much in a long time. Often considered a backwater.
Du lịch Iran


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