Top Packing tips for your next Trip to Vietnam

Of all the top travel tips and insider guides that one may looking in order to plan a worry-free trip to Vietnam that are actually essential to get them short listed before leaving your own country. the weather condition are vary from place to place and that is when you have a tropical sunny and humid weather in Ho Chi Minh city you will have a cold weather condition up to central and northern Vietnam. The tips and specially the packing items you’d need for a holiday in Vietnam could be confusing based on the weather condition, however, following are a good guide on top packing tips for your next trip to Vietnam:

Packing the right cloth for the right place

As discussed above you may find it confusing however, this is essential to pack a light jacket for the evening especially if you are traveling up north of Vietnam, anytime in year-round since the day heat with humidity may causes a trouble while traveling, pack a sun glass plus a hat with sun cream but it doesn’t required to be high UV protection uless you are heading to the beach for more than few days. If you are traveling to Sapa, the highlands region of northern Vietnam then you required to pack a pair of good walking shoe to which you can also use it for the trekking through the remote lands.

When is the best time for planning a trip to Vietnam
Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Northern Vietnam

When is the best time for planning a trip to Vietnam

There has been a long discussion earlier today with some of the traveler whom I’ve met in Hanoi city which had same question before flying to Vietnam. To be honest there isnt a best time for planning a good and comfortable trip to Vietnam since the weather condition are vary from one city to another. From April to October are hot throughout country , July to August and September are rainy and wet from north especially in Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay down to Hue and Hoi An as well as Danang city, so make sure to bring a raincoat as well as umbrella, you can easily find them in reasonable price anywhere in Vietnam. From November to December through January and March the country is experiencing a hot and humid weather. In June and or July and if you are traveling to Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam you may wear long sleeved shirt and take a good mosquito repellent to avoid being bitten.

Top Packing tips for your next trip to Vietnam
An overlooking view of Da Nang, Central Vietnam

What to include in your medical kit?

Consult with your local clinic and let your doctor advice the best and suitable medical advises based on your body condition, however and in general, include insect repellent, anti diarrhea pill in case you eat something that causes your stomach, Oral serum to replace fluids, Ibuprofen for the possible headache after a long walk under the sun. It is also advised to have a necessary vaccines if you are a long term traveler and if you are traveling to the small and remote areas.

What to include in your medical kit
Medical Kit

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