Phu Yen to include on Vientam Tour Packages

After all the business of preparing for our big day, it was time for traveling to some lesser known destination in Vietnam. Having visited most of famous attraction along the central Vietnam, you may choose Phu Yen, a new land with which it will last forever.

The most intriguing experience that is advised to add int your Vietnam tour packages and while traveling by boat in the bay is sightseeing around the fishing villages, mountains take of different shapes, and white sand beaches dotted with rocky outcrops.

Nhat Tu Son island and Tu Nhamsand dunes in the distance add the final touches for the picturesque landscape. Try to include Mang Lang church on your sightseeing map before the trip to make sure that you wouldn’t miss the older church while visiting Vietnam.

include phu yen to your vietnam tour packages

The church sites upon a spacious area of 5,000 m2. Stand infront of it and you will easily recognize the gothinc design with the holy cross set between two bell towers. The flanking towers have stylized pointy arches. The interior impressive visitors with its stained glass windows, buff colored walls, and wooden ceiling with antique chandeliers you can access a hidden cellar in front of yard. Built in man-made hill, this cellar is home to paintings and sculptures evoking the story of st. Andrew – the first priest in Phu Yen province in central Vietnam. Of the most visited destination in the north of Phu Yen, Da Dia reef is without equal, the pentagonal and hexagonal stone formations of varying size are stacked upon each other like a giant block beehive arranged by the hand of masterful artist. If you stand near the edge of these stones, you might get wet as the strong waves and white foam can attack you at anytime.

phu yen vietnam -

Why not visiting Central Vietnam while in Phu Yen?

The central Vietnam with a lot of history and ancient sites is without doubt one of the best places that any visitor could think for a longer stay, if you are a beach lover, then you can easily spend a few day at some of the best and most interesting ones in Hoi An and Da Nang. There are frequent flights from either Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam and or from Ho Chi Minh city. If you book a Vietnam tour packages and once in Hoi An, you might be willing to take a walk through the old town, an area which is awash by group of tourists at anytime, this is due to the magnificent UNESCO heritage sites, centuries old wooden houses and interesting french villa design that captures anyone eyes.

Hoi an -

Another interesting and definitely worth a visit town in central Vietnam and also pretty much close to Phu Yen is historic city of Hue from where one could expect a visit that takes them into the ancient and historic sites dating back to the 18th century and the Hue Dynasty. Once in town, try to explore the perfume river and the enchanting Royal palaces and the imperial fortifications, cooking classes and day trips from Hue city to the countryside villages are pretty much on demand of any traveler.

hue vietnam -

Unlike any visitors who just stop at Da Die reef, we followed a small path about a km to the Ganh Den lighthouse, which silently stands in the entrance to Xuan Dai Bay. Ganh Den lighthouse is painted with white and red stripes amid the backdrop of the blue sea. Because of its small size, travelers may can not enter inside the lighthouse. One more interesting thing to experience is when you are on the way from Da Dia reef to Tuy Hoa’s center, you may drop by Bai Xep for tickets to your childhood. To take in the beauty of Bai Xep, you may strolled down a path to the cliff. The scenic green hill covered by cacti and wild flowers appeared gradually.

Phu Yen central vietnam tourist attraction -

Upon reaching the hilltop, you’ll be enchanted by the beautiful azure and atmospheric coastline, the sunlight hitting the sandy yellow beaches, and the melodies of the waves which makes it a great place for honeymooners. Anyway, tourism in Vietnam is on the grow and this booming industry have had a lot of benefit for anyone who’s thinking of having something related, there are resort chains, hotels and tourism agencies that are awaiting to offer a unique Vietnam tour package and an experience according to the needs and interest of each traveler. One could be able to find places for trekking, experience a cruise holiday, sightseeing in history and nature, rafting, elephant ridding and anything that is related to the soul of a travel geek.

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