Ninh Binh – A promising place for your trip to Vietnam

As for me, Ninh Binh has never been an attractive destination. All the things I know about this little charming town are Bai Dinh Pagoda which is the pilgrimage place for my mother and aunt at the beginning of Lunar New Year. However, when I saw others cannot hide their enthusiasm for Ninh Bình, I started being skeptical about my stereotype of this now interesting place near Hanoi, capital city of Vietnam. And it led to a huge surprise at the moment I found extraordinary photos of Ninh Binh. I’ll bet with a fortune that everyone would be more than happy by the pristine beauty of Ninh Binh, which was surrounded by lush-green mountains, stretching through the paddy fields, colorful lotus ponds and picturesque cliffs.

Boat ride in Trang An eco complex

Thanks to the tourism development and the charming beauty of Ninh Binh which makes it a good choice to include on almost many Vietnam tour packages and the first thing pops up in my mind is Trang An. Fortunately, it was a beautiful Sunday and the place was not crowded. Well, it is quite difficult to tell you the feelings when I got on the boat, sailing along the canals which are flanked by imposing mountains, giant cliffs leaning on each others, paddy fields and lovely ponds of lotus. All would make you dumbfounded by the wonders of nature.
However, the thing I have the most passionate for is the beautiful scenes on both sides of the river. Simply put, anywhere the boat stopped, you would say: “Wow! What a picturesque scenery!” then you would ask yourself: “How to build a hut and live here right now?” The peaceful scenery, the windy ranges of casuarinas, the surreal meadow resembled as a prefer frames cut from a movie and would make you miss them at first sight.

Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
Ninh binh – Go beyond my imagination

In Ninh Binh, one of the things you shouldn’t miss is Thung Nham Bird Park. As you can see, it is a wide area of swap with various groves which are home to nearly 50.000 of birds for 40 species. People always talk that bird flying to their nests at twilight is extraordinary. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to witness the most outstanding event of the day, which made me stay still on boat and regret. For the next time, I would try to see this surreal scenery by all costs.
If your preference is experiencing the nature, Van Long wetland is an ideal place for camping, photography or enjoying the serene atmosphere over there. Van Long wetland will wow you with its beautiful caves, lovely ponds of lotus and ranges of rice paddy fields stretching to the horizon.

Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
A boy with his creative photo pose

Lovely homestays and resorts

It was my big mistake when I figured that there are several normal hotels and resorts in Ninh Binh. The fact was that Ninh Binh had many comfortable lovely homestays with different styles like Sapa and any other tourism destinations to enlist on any trip to Vietnam.
The homestay I choose was Chez Beo which will grab people’s attractions by its simple beauty. The homestay figured with bamboo banister, faded wooden floor, “frog” hammock with a view of ponds full of blooming lotus. I am absolutely positive that Chez Beo is the best homestay for you to harmonize with the nature, admire the brightness of Ninh Binh’s sceneries.

Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
Ninh Binh  is usually called as a heaven on the earth

If you have a higher budget, Tam Coc Garden is quite a great place to stay. Exactly as its name, Tam Coc Garden exists as a serene secret garden in Tam Coc Eco Zone. The resort is surrounded by the quiet but gorgeous rice fields and ranges of limestone mountains. Tam Coc Garden is decorated with simple and concise style. It can be considered as a dreamy heaven on earth, which helps you make a great escape from the hectic life out there.

Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
You ‘ll be alllured by Chez Beo Homestay at first sight
Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
A vintage corner of Tam Coc Garden


Ninh Binh Cuisine – Not only rice crackers and goat meat

Travelers usually associate Ninh Binh’s cuisine with rice crackers and goat meat. But the fact is that there are many dishes which amaze and allure you from the bite. In Ninh Binh, you can have many choices like raw fish spring rolls, vermicelli with eel , sour tilapia soup, “bun cha” with big grilled meat ball with incredible flavor. Moreover, lotus soup with green beans is also a memorable flavor. The slight aroma of lotus seems to ease your sorrows and refresh your mind.

Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
A private and quite pool of Tam Coc Garden

In a nut shell, Ninh Binh is definitely a perfect destination for anyone who wants to escape the noise, the pollution and the hectic life of cites. Ninh Binh will lead you from surprise to surprise thanks to its wonderful natural sceneries.

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    Include Ninh Binh on your Trip to Vietnam
    Bun cha with gian meat ball